TBC Supports and Shares Knowledge on Waste Management in Ban Lam and Nong Suang Communities.

On May 27, 2022, Mr. Santat Rundawe, the District Chief of Wihan Daeng, presided over the opening ceremony and awarded households that excel in waste segregation at the source in Ban Lam and Nong Suang sub-districts. This was part of the “Ban Lam United for Source Waste Management for a Strong Community” and “Enhancing Community Participation in Waste Management” projects held at Wat Ban Lam, Nong Suang sub-district, Wihan Daeng district.

The event saw 260 participants from local communities, public health officials of Wihan Daeng district, and students from Wat Sahakon Rangsan School, Wat Nong Suang (Phira Uthit) School, Wat Ban Lam School, and the Department of Non-Formal Education Center of Wihan Daeng. Thai Beverage Can Co., Ltd. supported the event by providing knowledge on waste management in communities.

This event is part of the TBC SG 2030 plan, aimed at sustainability based on social, economic, and environmental responsibilities, catering to the needs of all stakeholders, and promoting the country’s development strategy towards a sustainable economy, the BCG Model, an economic model for Thailand’s sustainable development. The strategy for Product Stewardship: Climate Leader focuses on leading climate change initiatives, with long-term goals for sustainable organizational management. It aims to elevate business practices towards “sustainable development” grounded in responsibility towards society, economy, and environment, to meet the needs of all stakeholders.