“The Perfect Package for Your Beverage”

More and more customers and consumers are turning to cans as their package of choice.


Cans are ideal for non-alcoholic beverages – especially those that come with a little bit of fizz. Because it is airtight, the can is a perfect package for soft drinks due to their higher acidity levels and pressurized nature. Also, because carbon dioxide is less permeable to metal than other types of materials, there is a higher concentration of gas in the can over time. This gives consumers a much “fizzier” drinking experience. 

RTD Coffee

To keep up with their on-the-go lifestyles, more and more consumers are turning to coffee drinks in a can. It just makes sense. After all, cans are portable, they’re easy to refrigerate, and they’re ready to drink (RTD) when you need to fight the afternoon crash.




As consumers seek new and different beverage options, ready-to drink (RTD) teas have emerged in the functional drinks market for both long-established brands and newcomers. Cans are lightweight, keep beverages cooler and fresher longer, and – due to their unbreakable nature – make the perfect choice for people on the go.


Drinking water

Canned water is the perfect complement for your water beverages.

Cans deliver freshness, protection from the elements, sustainability benefits, and more sophisticated looking cans.




Whether orange, apple, grape or something in between, the beverage can is ideal for keeping the ingredients in juice fresh, and for making on-the-go consumption convenient and easy. Cans offer a long shelf-life, preserve the taste and allow consumers to stock up, stack up and stay supplied.


Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are a staple in the beverage market, experiencing consistent and sustainable growth since they emerged in the late 90s. Younger, active consumers enjoy the quick boost that energy drinks provide. They also place a premium on “fun” – a message often communicated through engaging, creative graphics displayed on the can’s 360-degree canvas.



Cans are impenetrable to light. No risk of light turning the beer skunky and undrinkable. Cools down faster than any other beverage container resulting in fresher, better tasting beer.



Raise a can to the next generation of wine drinkers. Aluminium cans give your wine the ultimate protection – air-tight, unbreakable, light-proof. Ideal for wine that is best served chilled with single-serve and convenient.


Ready-to-drink cocktails are youth-oriented products, which makes packaging a key tool to help catch people’s eyes. Cans are gradually becoming a mainstream packaging solution for ready-to-drink cocktails and stylish new cans.