Thai Beverage Can Ltd.

Thai Beverage Can Limited (TBC) is a Thai-American joint venture company between Berli Jucker Public Company Limited, Standard Can Company Limited, and Ball Corporation. The company has used advanced technology from Ball Corporation which is the world’s leading provider of metal packaging for beverages, food and household products. TBC was founded in March 1997 and situated on 56 Rai of land in WHA Saraburi Industrial Land, formerly known as Hemaraj Saraburi Industrial Land.

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Saroj Chayavivatkul

President of Thai Beverage Can Ltd.

“Sustainable Development” is one of the main objectives in the business conduct of Thai Beverage Can Company Limited. The company is committed to business conduct with ‘Good Governance’ and attaches the upmost importance to social, economic, and environmental sustainability, all of which are essential for sustainable business operations and achieving the maximum benefit for all relevant stakeholders.

Thai Beverage Can attributes the highest importance to producing quality products and creating new innovative processes through strong research and development that not only allow us to move the packaging industry forward but also meet the demands of the ever-changing market in the Southeast Asia region.

Thai Beverage Can looks toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which encompass social, economic and environmental dimensions, in all components of our sophisticated business. We strive to be a role model and a leader in sustainability in the packaging business. As a business, we have begun implementing a circular economy strategy in our business operations and management, which includes an initiative centered around selecting suppliers that use the highest proportion of recycled aluminum in their aluminum coil. This initiative will ultimately accelerate aluminum recycling to be used as raw materials and reduce the chance of disposal in landfills. Additionally, we have partnered with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, our aluminum suppliers, industry leaders in the beverage industry in Thailand, and the 3R Foundation. We know that we as a business have the opportunity to create a profound change in pursuit of a more sustainable and, undoubtedly, brighter future for all of us. We hope that this report not only provides an overview of the various initiatives that we have focused on, but also spurs other organizations to put sustainability at the forefront of their business.