Did you know that in Thailand, we use more than 9.75 million single-use plastic cups and over 5 billion plastic straws per year. The trends of using large amounts of single used plastic cups has a tendency to increase from consumption behavior and economic growth in the coffee market in Thailand.

TBC is committed and intends to operate its business within the sustainability framework which covers both social, economic and environmental dimensions. So we opened the first pilot Can Café in TBC cafeteria area. To be a part of reducing the use of single-use plastic waste, this Can Café will reduce the use of plastic cups by almost 50,000 cups per year.

Why switch to aluminum cans?

Because aluminium cans are 100% recyclable, used aluminium cans can be recycled back into new aluminium cans with the same quality. Moreover, the energy used in the recycling process is 95% lower than smelting. It is truly environmentally friendly packaging.