Social Impact Strategy   


  1. Health, Safety and Well-being 
    • Set goals for personal safety management and monitoring through clear indicators that the accident rate must be 0 (Total Recordable Injury Rate: TRIR). 
    • Goal for employees to live a good life in three dimensions include; physical health, mental health, and financial well-being. 
  1. Diversity and Inclusion
    • Treat everyone equally, do not exclude or give special privileges to any person due to the characteristics of that person or group in respect of race, nationality, color, ancestry, religion, social status, gender, age, disability, political opinion as well as marital status. 
    • Create understanding, appreciation, and people’s diversity practices to ensure fairness and full participation in the work. 
    • No employment discrimination and auditioning people to work including other steps related . 
    • Promote equality of opportunity including making an impact assessment and screening for equality in policies, work, and action plans on diversity.  
    • Treat colleagues with equality, respect, and dignity while creating balance and equality in the organization. 
  1. Talent Development
    • Create a plan to develop internal talent for replacement positions necessary to the development of the business. Aim to priorities internal recruitment. 
    • Become a leader in creating a way for development of “Can Maker” with the World Class Can-Maker Development Recipe business with the goal of increasing the ratio of speakers within internal trainers per employee at a 1:20 ratio and a Technical Assessors per employee ratio of 1:5 
    • Aims to create and recruit development tools for both reskill and upskill to rapidly increase employees’ capabilities (Can-Maker Accelerated Development Program), with a goal of reducing development time by 50% from traditional development processes to support the business direction that will fluctuate and grow rapidly in the future. 
    • Continue to create High Trusted Leaders through skill training by creating diverse experiences and open the view all around to be a complete leader at all levels (Leadership Exposure Program). 
  1. Employee Experience
    • Building TBC to be a pleasant home by aiming to create a good experience for personnel at all touchpoint through the projects to promote organizational engagement and relationship activities that continuously create engagement from all departments at all levels in order to make TBC the best organization to work with. 
    • Optimize the performance of individuals and teams at each stage of the employee lifecycle. 
  1. Community
    • Support the creation of sustainability in occupation and livelihood for the surrounding communities through family and community development projects, such as a project to share technical knowledge with local school, lunch program for local schools, multipurpose and utilities projects, well as driving sustainability through employee engagement. 
    • Support to help low-income people who do not have access to financial institutions to gain a chance to have livable housing by supporting, building, repairing, and restoring homes as well as pushing for sustainability through employee participation. 
    • Encourage employees to participate in corporate sustainability activities.