TBC Shares Knowledge in Waste Elimination Project in Nong Moo Sub-district

On May 24, 2022, the waste elimination committee of Nong Moo sub-district, Saraburi, organized a waste management learning session with public and private sector networks, led by Araya Chisangvon, Mayor of Nong Moo Sub-district Municipality; Ruam Manonom, Head of Public Health of Wihan Daeng District; Thawal Pokprakhon, Principal of Wat Sang Boon School; Onrada Thamtheing, Principal of Wat Khlong Mai School; Itthipol Kuladee, Deputy Municipal Clerk of Nong Moo Sub-district; Mr. Jongrak Amin, Director of Nong Moo Sub-district Hospital; the teaching staff of Department of Non-Formal Education of Wihan Daeng District; and the volunteers from the ThaiHealth, along with Waleethip Prommobol, Sustainability Manager of Thai Beverage Can Co., Ltd., Mr. Chukiat Nipatthanon, Deputy Human Resources Manager of Thai Beverage Can Co., Ltd., and the team provided knowledge on waste management and distributed compost bins for household organic waste to the community members of the municipal and sub-district administrative organization areas in Nong Moo, with a total of 150 participants in the activity.

This event is part of the TBC SG 2030 plan, aimed at sustainability based on social, economic, and environmental responsibilities, catering to the needs of all stakeholders, and promoting the country’s development strategy towards a sustainable economy, the BCG Model, an economic model for Thailand’s sustainable development. The strategy for Product Stewardship: Climate Leader focuses on leading climate change initiatives, with long-term goals for sustainable organizational management. It aims to elevate business practices towards “sustainable development” grounded in responsibility towards society, economy, and environment, to meet the needs of all stakeholders.