TBC, Under the Aluminium Loop Project, Participates in the Green Coffee Shop Event

TBC, under the Aluminium Loop project, participated in the Green Coffee Shop event at the Department of Environmental Quality Promotion on April 22, 2022.

The event featured booths from environmentally friendly coffee shops, producers, and packaging suppliers like Inthanin, Café Doitung, Jungle Café, Coffee Today, S&P, Café Amazon, KOI Thé, and Gracz eco-friendly packaging, Fest safe and eco-friendly food packaging, and Makro’s Earth-friendly initiatives, among others. The event also included the announcement of the “Green Coffee Shop” initiative in celebration of Earth Day 2022, by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, in collaboration with coffee shop partners nationwide.

Additionally, over 30 agencies and coffee shops declared their commitment to foster collaboration among business operators, producers, and coffee shop services to promote environmentally friendly production, service, and consumption within coffee shops.

This initiative is part of the “Invest In Our Planet: Act for the world today, a better future is ours.” concept, aiming to reduce the use of plastic packaging or single-use containers and switch to eco-friendly alternatives to minimize waste from the source and maximize the return of resources into the recycling process.

TBC, through the Aluminium Loop project, showcased its commitment by educating attendees on the endless recyclability of 100% of aluminium cans. Demonstrating that besides regular beverages, aluminium cans can also package coffee shop drinks like coffee, milk tea, and fresh brews. Once consumed, these cans can continually be recycled.