How are Soda Cans Made Before They Bring Us the Fizz?

When it comes to a quick thirst-quencher that everyone, regardless of age, can enjoy, “soda” is likely the answer for 8 out of 10 people. Soda is a globally recognized favorite, easily found in stores both as canned soda and bottled soda. Today, let’s dive into where soda comes from and why it’s so popular.


Where does soda come from?

Many might think soda is a modern drink that became popular only in recent decades, but this fizzy beverage was actually discovered back in the 17th century. It was accidentally found by a geologist who drank natural mineral water mixed with carbon dioxide and was surprised by its refreshing fizz. He then started producing water mixed with carbon dioxide. In 1767, carbon dioxide naturally produced from beer fermentation was discovered, leading to the development of soda water, which evolved into soda over time. The first sodas were lemon and honey water carbonated to add fizz and freshness. From there, new flavors and formulas were developed, leading to a wide variety of tastes.


The taste of soda and its packaging

Soda needs carbon dioxide to create its signature fizz. Packaging is very important to keep this fizz intact, affecting the overall taste of the drink.


Canned soda: a new choice for environmentally conscious drinkers

Why has canned soda become a choice for eco-friendly people? That’s because soda cans are made from 100% recyclable aluminium, without limit on the number of recycling cycles. Recycled aluminium cans can be made into new cans endlessly, and using recycled aluminium cans for production can reduce energy by up to 95% compared to using new aluminium. Plus, aluminium cans are lightweight, easy to carry, cool quickly, and stay cold, making drinks more refreshing.

At TBC, we are highly aware of eco-friendly production processes. We have strategies for Product Stewardship and work hard to achieve our goals. For more details, check out > TBC’s Product Stewardship strategies.

What types of TBC’s aluminium canned soda packaging are available?



For those looking for an aluminium can manufacturer for soda, we recommend our factory. We are a quality aluminium can manufacturer meeting international standards. We offer packaging for soda both in bottle and can forms, as follows:

  • TBC produces various designs and sizes of soda cans.
  • TBC produces aluminium bottles for soda in these sizes.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What metal are soda cans made of?

They are commonly made from aluminium.

Why are soda cans popularly made from aluminium?

Because aluminium is a lightweight material, making it easy to transport and carry when used for packaging. Aluminium cans also cool drinks quickly and keep them cold longer. Importantly, recycling aluminium cans is straightforward as they can be completely recycled without needing to remove the pull tab or separate other materials, thanks to being made entirely of aluminium (Mono-material).

Can soda cans be recycled?

Yes, they can be recycled an unlimited number of times.

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