Why Should We Start Using Aluminium Cans for Beverage Packaging?

What are the advantages of aluminium cans that make them an ideal packaging choice?

With the easy-to-recycle nature of aluminium, it can be endlessly recycled, allowing the same resources to be reused and reducing the need for new resources. Importantly, producing aluminium cans from recycled aluminium requires less energy than using new aluminium from mining, which also leads to lower greenhouse gas emissions from production. In the market, there are many beverages packaged in cans. Why do so many brands choose aluminium cans…?

This article will detail the benefits of aluminium cans for you.

Good for the planet and the environment

Making aluminium cans from recycled ones uses up to 95% less energy than using new aluminium from mining. With less energy used in production, greenhouse gas emissions are also reduced. Plus, recycling aluminium cans is easy because they’re made from just one material, aluminium, without any mix of other materials, known as Mono-Material. This makes them directly recyclable without needing to separate other materials first. And because they’re easy to recycle, aluminium cans are one of the most collected and recycled packaging, reducing a lot of waste.

Easy to transport

Aluminium packaging, whether cans or bottles, is lightweight, making it easier to transport and reducing potential damage. However, no matter the condition of the aluminium can, whether it’s dirty with beverages or dented, 100% of the can can still be recycled without losing quality.

Help keep beverages in their original quality



Aluminium has high corrosion resistance and can block out sunlight and oxygen 100%, which greatly reduces the chance of drinks going bad or getting contaminated. This makes aluminium cans an excellent choice for packaging acidic or fizzy drinks like beer, wine, soda, without altering the drink’s condition. It’s no surprise to see many types of drinks packaged in aluminium cans, whether it be beer cans, wine cans, soda cans, or Coke cans. Additionally, aluminium conducts cold well, so aluminium can products help drinks cool faster and stay cold longer than other types of packaging.

Work great for customized packaging

With their shape, you can tweak texts, colors, or patterns all around, making them excellent for communication. This allows companies to market, promote, and create unique promotions, making your packaging stand out at points of sale. Plus, aluminium cans come in various sizes, offering more options to suit different types of beverages.



In summary, the advantages of using aluminium cans include that they are an eco-friendly packaging option that helps reduce environmental impact by minimizing the use of new resources and reducing waste. This is because aluminium cans can be 100% recycled, allowing them to continuously be turned back into new cans without end. Additionally, aluminium cans can be stored for long periods without compromising the quality of the beverages inside. They are also convenient for transportation due to their lightweight and serve as an excellent medium for communication.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are aluminium cans used for?

Mainly for packaging beverages like soda, beer, juice, and water.

How are aluminium cans recycled?

After use, sorted aluminium cans are compressed into blocks, melted into ingots, and rolled into aluminium sheets to be used as raw materials for new aluminium cans, which can be continuously recycled.

What are aluminium’s properties?

It’s shiny, lightweight, low-density yet strong, ductile, highly resistant to corrosion and breakage, cools quickly, and is easy to cast into various products.

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