TBC Joins C asean Forum (CaF) on the Topic “Move Toward with EPR”

TBC participated in the C asean Forum (CaF) under the theme “Asean Action Towards Circular Economy: Move Toward with Extended Producer Responsibility” on 28 March 2024, at C asean, CW Tower Ratchadapisek.

Ms. Kitiya Santaveesuk, TBC Head of Sustainability, spoke on the topic “Advancing Sustainable Recycling,” discussing aluminium can packaging and its post-consumer management system that supports EPR principles and a circular economy.
TBC also set up an exhibition showcasing the “Can to Can Journey,” illustrating the recycling process of aluminium cans from post-consumption back to new cans with recycle process. The exhibition highlighted the sustainability and environmental friendliness of aluminium cans.
The event aimed to share practices, knowledge, and foster relationships among ASEAN countries to promote business development towards a circular economy. It also focused on implementing EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility), creating opportunities for collaboration and new initiatives among participants and stakeholders to drive ASEAN and global sustainability changes.