Introducing “Crystal Can”, Canned Drinking Water that Meets Sustainable Packaging Solutions

With its ergonomic shape, lightweight, creatively designed, and able to cool quickly, the aluminium can perfectly seals between rids and bodies, preventing 100% of gas, moisture, and light penetration. Importantly, it’s 100% recyclable.

Aluminium cans are now seen as eco-friendly packaging, highlighting sustainability. Many brands have begun to communicate to consumers about the plastic waste issue and why aluminium cans are a sustainable packaging alternative.

The trend of canned drinking water has started in Thailand with the recent launch of “Crystal Can” by the well-known water brand, aiming to address sustainable packaging for environmental conservation and continuing the Crystal CARE concept for responsible business practices caring for society and the environment at every step.

The launch of “Crystal Can” marks its debut with 325 ml cans in the “Crystal x Yuree” collection, featuring 4 designs “Refreshing, Enjoyable, Happy, Super Fun,” representing Crystal in 4 different regions, designed by “Yuree Kensaku.” The collection is led by characters like the fierce Giant of Wat Jaeng, the cool Giant of Wat Pho, the smart Siberian Husky, the mischievous Little Cat, the foodie Panda, the loyal Red-crowned Crane, Gogi Chan the little mermaid with tempura batter, etc., who deliver freshness, cleanliness, and confidence that Crystal drinking water of the same quality standard is available in any region from all 15 factories nationwide.


“Crystal Can” kicks off with the Water in Can campaign in collaboration with 7-11. By ordering 6 packs of 600 ml or 1,500 ml Crystal water online from 7-11 between July 24 and September 23, 2021, customers will receive a complete set of 4 cans from the collection. 


This marks the beginning of Thailand’s move away from traditional packaging towards more environmentally friendly options, a trend that major brands are starting to embrace. In the future, Thai drinking water packaging will undoubtedly shift more towards eco-friendliness.


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